Western Raptor Symposium Presentations

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February 8-9, 2011

Riverside, CA

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This 1.5 day, intensive and high-level scientific symposium covered a number of topics, including the following:

The symposium presentations have been converted to PDF files and links to the presentations are listed below by session.


Title Author
Protecting Raptors through Law and Policy.Daniel J. Rohlf
Foundational Science on the Owls of Western United States.David H. Johnson
Northern Spotted Owl: Status, Population Trends, and Management Challenges.Betsy Glenn

Diurnal Raptors

Title Author
Successes and Challenges in the Recovery of the California Condor in the Wild.Mike Wallace
A Review of Population Status, Available Trends, and Possible Impacts on American Kestrels of the Pacific States.Allen M. Fish
Status, Trends, and Conservation Challenges for the Ferruginous Hawk in the Western U.S.James W. Watson
Current Status, Trends, and Potential Threats to the Recovery of Bald Eagles in California and Nevada.Peter Sharpe
Golden Eagle Status in Selected Areas of the West.Dave Bittner and Chris Meador

Wind Farms

Title Author
Update on Scientific Investigations and Mitigation Directed Toward Raptor Fatalities in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area. K. Shawn Smallwood
A Visual Method of Evaluating Migratory Golden Eagle Behaviour at a Pre-operational Wind Farm in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.Naira N. Johnston, et al.

Department of Interior Eagle Session

Title Author
Overview of Golden Eagle Current Situation: Eagle Management Team.Robert Murphy and Brian Millsap
Final Rule, Final Environmental Assessment and Current Anticipated Route for Permit Applications and Take Limitations.Joel E. (jeep) Pagel and Diana Whittington
Avian Protection Plans; Eagle Conservation Plans.Eric Kershner
National Interim Golden Eagle Inventory and Monitoring Protocols.Joel E. (jeep) Pagel and Diana Whittington
Wind Energy Compliance with the Eagle Act in the Mojave Desert.Larry LaPré
A Unified Approach for Using Telemetry to Assess Risks to and Take of Golden Eagles at Energy Developments in the Western United States.Robert Murphy
Advanced Conservation Practices and Compensatory Mitigation.Timothy Breen
Overview of 2011 Golden Eagle Products, Anticipated Timelines, and Synopsis.Robert Murphy and Brian Millsap

Raptor Biology

Title Author
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Raptor Migration in Western North America.Jeff P. Smith
Golden Eagle Movements in Western North America.Dave Bittner and Chris Meador
Long-term Population Dynamics of the Burrowing Owl Colony at San Jose International Airport. Presentation Not Available.
John H. Barclay, et al

Raptor Management and Monitoring

Title Author
The Importance of Winter Ecology in the Conservation and Management of the Golden Eagle.  Presentation Not Available. Erica H. Craig, et al
Burrowing Owls and the Western Riverside County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP): An Active Approach to Species Recovery.Jared Bond
Population Viability Analysis of Burrowing Owls in the Santa Clara Valley.John H. Barclay
Siting Repowered Wind Turbines to Minimize Raptor Collisions.K. Shawn Smallwood
Preliminary Results of Controlling the Barred Owl Threat After Two Decades of Research and Monitoring to Meet the Habitat Needs of Northern Spotted Owls.Lowell V. Diller